Last month we had a busy time finding a president for Senior Infants. We decided we needed to have an election and worked in small groups. Every team had a candidate, Art designer and problem solver and we worked together to create a convincing campaign. We had many planning meetings where we came up with all of our ideas and strategies. Our first task was to create some eye catching posters for the classroom to encourage our class to vote for us. We had great fun putting these together.

We then wrote speeches for our friends where we outlined 3 reasons why people should vote for us and what our dream plan would be if elected. There were a lot of adventurous ideas such as a spa for the teachers and puppies for the school!

The next step was to create campaign videos and we asked our lovely buddies in 5th class to help us with this task. They are amazing directors, filmers and editors and we were delighted with the results.

We invited the classes in the school to watch our videos and to come and vote in the Polling Station we created in our classroom. We had so many children, staff and parents in our room to vote and we had such a great time organising the event!

When the Polling Station closed we started to count the votes. We were based in different counties of Ireland. When we had counted all of our votes we called them out to Ms Harris who wrote them on the board. It was so exciting to see the numbers grow!

We were so excited for our friend J.B who won the election. Well done to his team too who were fantastic support!

What a great project. Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to all who voted! ⭐️


Glenroe Farm

We had a fantastic school trip today to Glenroe Farm! We started with a tour of the animals. Our tour guide was brilliant and he told us lots of facts about each animal. Some of us found them a bit smelly!

We were given the chance to hold an egg and a few bunnies and guinea pigs!

We loved spending time together! We had lots of room to run around and play!

We explored the two playgrounds. There were so many fun things to play with.

We discovered a nature walk and fairy garden. We set off and stopped at all of the nature spots.

We arrived at the fairy garden. Some of us made a wish on the wishing rock and others went in search of fairies. Apparently there was a fairy hiding in one of the houses!


Please watch the following videos to help you decide who to vote for at the Polling Station tomorrow! Thank you to 5th class, who filmed and edited all of the videos! πŸ†

We look forward to seeing you in Senior Infants tomorrow!







Fire Engine Visit!

We had the best day ever!

The Dun Laoghaire Fire Brigade visited us to show us their fire engine and all of the equipment they use to keep our community safe!

As you know, we have been learning all about the Fire Brigade and so this was a real treat for us! We were able to try using the hose! We thought it was very powerful but the Firefighters told us that the pressure was set to low! You need 3 firefighters to hold a hose when it has high pressure. Mrs Mc Bain got a free car wash!

We all had a turn climbing into the fire engine. We found lots of interesting equipment. We were full of questions and the firefighters were very impressed! They opened all of the doors to show us all of the hoses, tools, oxygen tanks, helmets and more!

The firefighters loved our helmets and some of us swapped!

Ms Harris asked about the hydrants that we use in Ireland and they investigated our yard to find one. It was in the staff car park! The hydrant is underground. They use a special pipe to attach the hose to the hydrant. Now we know ours works perfectly if there ever is a fire in our school!

Thank you to the Fire Brigade for an amazing visit we won’t forget!

Easter Fun!

Before the Easter holidays started, we had some lovely Easter activities to complete. We had to unlock Easter by completing some challenges. They ranged from spelling to art and we loved traveling along the map.

We made some beautiful Easter decorations for the window and some Easter bunny line drawings.

For a special treat, we had a workshop with a skipping professional. We learned how to skip using a single rope. If we mastered that, we learned some tricks such as, backwards skipping, and skipping on one foot.

We went on a nature walk to spot signs of spring! We were looking for insects, mushrooms, daffodils, worms, nests and lots more!

We couldn’t find everything in our school garden, so we decided to visit the park. We loved running around exploring and we found nearly everything!

Our final challenge was our favourite! We challenged our buddies in 5th class to an Easter egg hunt. We searched in the garden for as many chocolate eggs as possible. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we still managed to eat some chocolate! Well done 5th class!

We hope everyone is enjoying the break. See you all soon!

πŸ€ Seachtaine na Gaeilge πŸ€

We have been celebrating Seachtaine na Gaeilge (Irish Week) in Senior Infants. We kicked it off with our very own O. M, who showed us her amazing Irish dancing routine. We even invited Junior Infants in to see!

Olivia taught us a few steps and we showed amazing effort by having a go!

Every year in our school, we have a ceilΓ­ dance which is where a large group of people take part in an Irish set dance. There are a few steps which are repeated over and over again! Senior Infants were asked to dance by our buddies in 5th class. We were so delighted as they are superb teachers and we love spending time with them.

It was also our Irish day which meant we could dress up in Irish colours to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Here is a look at how we got on!

Our Rector and Youth Worker decided that they were better and showed us their dancing on the stage. You can decide who you think danced best!

March Update ⭐️

We have a few highlights from our learning in March.

Firstly, Eileen’s daughter and granddaughter visited our classroom to talk about babies! We had lots of questions and loved watching baby Isla.

We were learning about length in Maths. We had great fun measuring items in the classroom but got a shock when Ms Harris said we were to measure our stinky feet! We measured the width and length before comparing our feet with others.

Our Physical Education strand this month is gymnastics and we are more than delighted! We are working on skills such as balancing, jumping and landing. We have excellent gymnastics equipment in our school and we are enjoying using it.

5th class have been working on a very impressive Science project and we were lucky enough to be invited to learn about it. The title was Food Waste: is it a piece of cake? Our buddies showed us all their experiments and we are going to be aware of our food waste at home.

World Book Day!

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day! We all dressed up as our favourite book character. It was lovely to see such a wide range of book characters and we had a great time guessing who was who. After assembly, we had a fashion-show to show off our costumes.

We are all naturals! Here is a closer look at our outfits. Can you guess them all?

Our new Classroom Economy has started very well. We all have a job to do in the class and we take it VERY seriously! These range from Garda to Meteorologist and each job helps make our day run smoothly. The explanations are at the back of our room if you would like to see them all.

We all earn a different salary. We can also earn pay rises by completing our job exceptionally well. Pay Day is every second Friday and we love going to the bank and collecting our well deserved earnings.

We have to pay tax and bills too! This week we had to pay 5c. Our taxes get collected and we can buy something for our classroom at Easter time with the money we have combined.

After we have paid our bills we can spend our money in the class shop. This is a great way to learn how to use money and we LOVE it!

The 100th Day of School

We had a fantastic day celebrating our 100th day of school in Senior Infants! We are 100 days smarter!

(video ⬇️)

Our day consisted of 6 challenges. Each challenge was based around the number 100.

We proudly wore them for the day and loved showing them to children in other classes.

We had 3 minutes to write 100 words as a class. It was so funny trying to think of different words under time pressure. We stuck them on the stage and when the timer buzzed, we had actually written 178 words! Wow!

This challenge was a great way to work on our fine motor skills. We made Cheerios necklaces. We had to put 100 Cheerios on our ribbon. We realised that the best way to count to 100 is in groups of 10! Our clever brains discovered that 10 tens makes 100!

This was a hilarious challenge. Ms Harris made our faces look older and we thought about what we would do when we are 100. We discussed in groups what we would see, do, make and eat in small groups.

Thankfully we were wearing tracksuits on Wednesday, because our next challenge was to complete 100 exercises! We had 10 reps of 10 exercises. 10 x 10 makes 100! We followed the 100th Day of School challenge video.

For our final challenge we completed a number of tasks in 100 seconds. We had to see how many times we could blink, stand up and down, write our name, sing happy birthday and say the alphabet in 100 seconds.

We had a brilliant day and we can’t wait for the next 84 days in Senior Infants!